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Sooooo. long time no see!
Yeah, I'm aware it's been since April that I wrote about a paragraph long blog post, and I'M SORRY. Not that anyone's really reading this, but I feel the need to apologize to my fictional audience. I've been up to a lot since that little post in April, so now I'll tell you about it.

It's come to my mind that this blog is really more for me personally, but if someone is interested in reading it, I would really like that :)

Alright, in May, Metamorphoses, the play I'd been working showed on May 20, 21, and 22. It was probably my favorite play I've ever been a part of, one of the first times I've ever been genuinely proud of myself, and one of the moments that really made me love all aspects of theatre, and cement the idea that I'd really like to do something with performing in my life. The people in the cast are some of my best friends and people I know that I'll never forget, even if I don't see them for the rest of my life (even though, most of them I will when I return to school at the end of this month). I'm not sure if I talked about it here, but one of the really unique aspects of Metamorphoses is when purchasing the rights to perform it, they make you sign off saying that you will incorporate a pool as a part of the set. Yes, a pool filled with water (REAL water) that sits on stage with major scenes and plot points actually going on in the pool. Now, I don't mean the kind of pool you see in someone's backyard. This pool got no deeper than 1ft, but really made a huge impact on the overall play, particularly in the big fight scene, the reason we had to advertise splash seats.

After the completion of the play, I was thoroughly exhausted and it took everything I had, but I made it out of finals with really good grades. Math almost killed me, but somehow I ended the year with a B average, and my first A of the year in the last marking period. Needless to say, I was a little proud of myself :).

School was finally over, and any more school last year probably would have killed me. I finished on June Eigth, but I didn't actually do anything until around June Twenty-Seventh, when I did something I've been waiting 11 years to do. Almost every year since I was around four, I've attended this one camp in my state (I don't really want to put the name on here!). I started out doing Grandparents/Grandchildren Camp (which is why I started at such a young age), and ever since then it has been my dream to be a CIT, or a counselor-in-training. You have to complete grade nine in order to enter the program, and I successfully completed it on June Third!

When you leave the camp, they give you one to two weeks where you can go back and actually BE a CIT, and I got scheduled week seven (which starts this sunday, August Seventh). However, I went to go drop off my Gram about two weeks ago for her camp, Wild Women in the Woods (it's an older women's program) and I actually ended up getting invited to help another program the same week for three days! It was Primary 1, which is kids who have completed K-2nd grade. But, since I live about an hour away from camp, I stayed without bringing anything. People there were so nice to me, lending me their clothes, and some of the staff even bought me underwear and a toothbrush. I had a great experience, particularly because my friend Carole who I went to Grandparents camp with and dreamed of being a CIT with was already CITing the program. It was kind of like a childhood dream come true, and I'm so happy to have been a part of it! Still, I'm excited to go for a full week where I actually have packed and prepared this Sunday.

Wow, I've written a lot already!

I just got back on Monday from going to the National Junior Classical League Convention in Fargo, North Dakota. We drove there from school, and on our van we had Abby, Zoe, Lydia. Mike, Eric, Azeem, Jonathan, Manny, and I with the fabulous Ms. Goetz driving us. We had a really great time even though it took so long to get there and back. The convention was amazing, and it was nice to have to much freedom and no one really telling us what to do. I met so many awesome people and even though Lydia and I got into some issues, we worked them out and still had a great time. We met this one kid name Cullen and Abby, Zoe, and I all got henna tramp stamps of his initials, and he got ours! That was at the bazar, which Zoe renames the the bazzar, which eventually became the bastard. So many inside jokes came from the trip, including about 50,000 things from the allspice commercials (since FIVE states  did parodies for role call), in the raw, effing clock, and more :)

Now I'm back and ready to go to Abby and Juanita's beach party on Saturday before I go to camp, so excited!

Oh, and I added some fan-listing buttons to the right lower corner in case your interested in some things I like ;)

Love always,

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