Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ahh this was one minute from being published at 11:11

I have a follower! *sqeee*

Anyways, today I have no school! We were supposed to get more than a foot of snow, and it's 11:00, and no sign of snow. Not that I'm complaining, I really don't like snow so much, actually. It's not so much the snow as it the snow means its less than 32 degrees outside. So, I am in my house on my laptop, about to eat some pizza (it smells REALLY good!).

I had the worst morning, for some reason, I just could NOT stay asleep. I woke up the time I would for school, and somehow I was wide awake . . . it was strange.

But onto more interesting things, I still haven't talked about the lion king! I found a few pictures of it online, since I obviously couldn't take any of my own.

Again, I did not take this picture, I do not own it or anything that it's related to. I got it here.

But, on another note, it was amazing. I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The costumes were beautiful, and overall the staging was perfect. Since my family doesn't go see shows very often, we try to get good seats to the ones we do go to. We were in the third row! I'd never gotten to be so close to the stage in a show, and it was a great experience. With this show, though, sitting back further would be just as cool because of the masks! Where we sat, we focused more on the actors faces, but further back you would get the feel that the masks were actually part of them. So, if you live in or around any of the dates in the link from the last post, you should definitely go! And, if you happen to be reading this, and you have seen the show, tell me what you think!

In the meantime, I'm keeping my eyes here.


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