Monday, February 15, 2010

untitled because i currently lack creativity

I am a bad blogger!
I used to update almost every day, and now I take way too much time to update. It's probably because I'm obsessing over the website Polyvore! If you'd like, you can see my profile here. I also just finished watching ALL of the Brotherhood 2.0 videos. It was a massive task, and I feel like I have nothing to do anymore.

I think I neglected to mention that I was in auditions for our next play, Metamorphoses. Well, last monday the cast list went out! I didn't get the part that I wanted, but I'll be playing the First Laundress, Oread, and Pomona. The play is going to be really cool, especially because when you buy the rights to the play, you have sign something saying you'll use a pool in your production. Not only will that be visually pleasing and fun to be in, my elective in school is Set Construction, so I get to help BUILD IT! Our rehearsals start March 15th, and I'm very excited!

Now, most people have school vacation this week, but I don't, so updates will probably still be slow. However, there is a storm coming in, so I very well might be home tomorrow! Also, I might skip on Friday and hang out with the mother!


Due to my failure, the 100 Book Challenge has now been changed to the 50 book challenge. If I complete that this year, next year I'll do the 75 book challenge, and after the 100 book challenge.

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