Saturday, March 06, 2010

red velvet

I am a bad blogger! I used to want to post multiple times a day, and I would freak if I forgot a day! Maybe if I got some comments I would write more . . . (*hint* *hint*).

So, I am pretty happy right now. Why? I was at the mall today with some friends, and before we left, we stopped at the Starbucks in the mall. We all got frappucinos,  but I, knowing I was coming home to an empty house, decided to pick up something special . . .


Yeah, not as exciting as it could be, but I lovelovelove red velvet cupcakes. Plus they put it in this adorable little box made especially for cupcakes! There's a little circular hole in the bottom where it sits and looks so cute! It wasn't too expensive as far as red velvets go, it was 2.25. But, for only around 7 dollars you could get four! So, with this inspiration, I have developed a few starbucks happiness combo meal things! I hope that you enjoy them!

Fun Starbucks Food Pairings! 
Grande Vanilla Latte
Bacon, Gouda Cheese, and Egg Frittata 
Butter Croissant 

Grande Caramel Macchiato
Red Velvet Cupcake
Roma Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich

Grande Vanilla Steamed Milk
Chocolate Old Fashioned Doughnut
Asiago Bagel

love, k

Wait! While I was looking up the Starbucks menu to make those, I found an article about Starbucks cupcakes on their website! They're adding more cupcakes to their ment! I'll be sure to try them, and let you guys know! Be sure to check it out here!

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