Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sometimes I find myself thinking that I'd rather talk to my friends parents. Or just other adults in general. Sometimes I even don't go out with my friends so I can hang out with my mom. She's sort of my best friend. Does that make me weird?

Not to say that I don't totally love my friends, because I do, and I LOVE spending time with them. But, every once in a while, I find myself listening to what adults are saying, and wanting to jump into their conversations. Take the theatre festival I went to, we had to take a three hour trip there, and a three hour trip back. On the way home, I was sitting towards the front of our van, and I just sat there for awhile wishing all of my friends would be quiet so that I could listen to my theatre director and friends mom's conversation. Okay, yeah. Maybe that is a little weird.

I mean, I am an only child, so I did grow up with people who are significantly older than me. Not to mention, I didn't have many friends other than the kids of my parents friends until I was about seven. And they didn't even really like me. So, it wasn't until 6th or 7th grade that I really had friends I cared about (Although, some of my friends from elementary school go to school with me now, and they used to not like me, and now we're really good friends. I guess I was just that weird then!). So, I guess I've sort of answered this question for myself. Yes, I am weird. Yes, it is weird that I like talking to adults more than my friends at times. But, you know what? Who cares! =]

For real, though, my friends are the bomb diggity, and I LOVE them to death! I don't know, I guess sometimes the things that people my age talk about I just get over. I want people to, I don't know, care about things more, I guess?

Well, this has been a very insteresting talk with myself, but now I must sleep! I'll talk about festival and other things very soon!

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