Friday, January 22, 2010

New Layout and Banner!

So, I decided to mix things up over here at 'the show must go on...', and make this blog a little less generic. You can now see a beautiful (hah.) banner, some icons on the side, and a goodbye banner on the page. I made them on Picnik while on my laptop, and they don't have the best design or quality. However, I felt that the page lacked pizazz, and now it has pizazz!

Not a whole lot is going on at the present that I haven't told you about. I went out to Olive Garden for my friend's birthday and had a good time, and bought a few things at the mall.

Really, I've just been working on my C.I.T. application and hanging out in my sweatpants!

It is now time for sleep!

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